Galleria Al-Atiyah


Galleria Al-Atiyah is an exclusive, creative and classic Islamic Art Gallery of exceptional quality that caters to those with distinction.


Our objective focuses on conveying the sacred messages of the Holy Al-Quran and the Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, along with its virtues through the creativity of art.  May the collectors receive blessings and harmony in the world now and thereafter.





- Painting
- Wood Creations
- Teak In Glass
- Ceramic
- Tile Ceramic
- Volcanic Sandstone
- Mother of Pearl
- Others Product


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Tel: (+603) 7710 6707

Mobile: (+6019) 215 1938




Other Products We Sell

Galleria Al-Atiyah's exquisite and cheerful collections are perfect for any occasion, may they be for your personal collection or a gift to that special someone.  Here we have a selection of calligraphic oil paintings with a whole new perception which is attractive and exclusive.

In addition, there are quite a selection of Islamic ceramic products, wood carvings and various unique items to choose from.